One celebration that you will remember forever (especially for the bride) is your wedding day. It takes anything from years to months of planning and preparation. Planning and organising a wedding can be a very emotional and stressful time, with so many things to remember- being organised will help keep most of the stress away. If you do not know where to begin, don’t worry as most engaged couples do not know where to start or how to do what needs to be done.

Lovely Colours is here to help take all of the stress and hassles away and no party is too big or too small as we provide tailor-made packages to suit your individual requirements. To start you off, we have put the following wedding preparation guidelines:

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The first question to ask yourselves is, “What kind of wedding do we want to have?” Start by imagining your wedding, then jot down a few details that stand out. Will your ceremony be in a church? a garden? or a venue that is licensed? Do you see a huge gathering of 300 friends, relatives, and colleagues? or a small gathering of 50 close friends and family? Or somewhere in between? Now

  • Budget- Set a reasonable budget depending on the size of your wedding . You may be shocked when you first find out how high some of the expenses can go.
  • Set your date-This has to be agreed before you go ahead with bookings.
  • Choose your theme- Choose your colours for the day and ensure it reflects the mood you want to create for the day.
  • Booking the Ceremony-Check the availability of the church and/ or registrar.
  • Insurance- It is possible that something might go wrong and you want to be covered.
  • Reception-Check the availability of that perfect location.
  • Decorations- Is it going to be a theme, balloons or flowers? Perhaps both.
  • Transportation-How are you and your guests going to be getting to the venues?
  • Catering-Are you hirig a catering company, or is the venue supplying the service? Remember your budget and number of guests.
  • Rings- Take out time together and pick the rings you both love.
  • Music- Would you prefer to have a DJ or a life band entertain. Don’t forget to tell them your favourite songs.
  • Photographs / video- Would you like to capture the whole day or just parts of it? How many pictures would you like?
  • Invitations- Make it as personal and unique as your wedding is.
  • Cake- Your personal taste matters here. Visit a few shops and look through some good wedding cake books and magazines.
  • Gift Registry
  • Honeymoon

Once you’ve listed these first details, discussed them together and made some decisions, it’s time to start some more in-depth planning.
We hope the information on this website will assist you in making the wedding planning process smoother for you but should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US